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Our Enrichment Program Design


Hear Zara talk about the
Full STEAM Forward

Certified teachers use a Zoom format to allow real-time, active engagement

Female Scientist
Guest Speakers


Sessions with women in STEAM help our young scientists envision potential future careers

Synchronous On-line Learning

Students receive everything they need to conduct interactive hands-on projects designed to encourage intellectual curiosity

Science and Art


Weekly Mentor


Full STEAM Forward immerses girls in a range of scientific fields including biology, oceanography, anthropology, astronomy and earth sciences

Our programs encourage our young scientists to have a positive impact on the future of our planet

Our selected books reinforce women in the sciences and guide our selection of science and art projects 

Tools for Environmental Activism

Literary Themes

Synchronous Learning

Hands on Science and Art Projects

Small group, mentor-led sessions, incorporating SEL, create emotional support and a sense of community

Tools for Environmental Activism

Examples of Featured Literature and Modules

The Leaf Detective

"Becoming Leaf Detectives"

"Exploring Earth's Extremes"

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

"Setting Sail:  A Journey into our Opulent Oceans"

Stone Girl Bone Girl the Story of Mary Anning
Blast Off into Space Like Mae Jemison

"Blast off into Space"

"Climate Activists:  
Inspiring Change"

"Paleontological Puzzles: Clues from Earth’s Past"

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