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Enrichment Programs

During 3rd and 4th grades, self-identifying girls participate in a two-year-long program comprised of two 15-week after-school enrichment modules and a two-week summer camp each year.

Each module focuses on a specific science theme and incorporates a range of STEAM projects rooted in literary works. 

Grades 3 and 4

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Studies have found that, after 4th grade, many girls who had previously shown an interest in STEAM lose interest once they enter middle school.

To help combat that loss of interest, girls in 5th-8th grades, who have completed our primary school program, will be invited to participate in our FSF Middle School Summer Camps.

Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8

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All of our programs utilize young adults (ages 16-25) as role model mentors.  We select mentors who we believe have the potential to connect to our young scientists both academically and emotionally and who can create an environment of support and then provide additional training.

As our FSF program matures, we hope that our own scientists will become mentors to our younger students.  

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