Full STEAM Forward Programs

Habitats of Our World

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In this year of Full STEAM Forward, students will meet weekly to study some of the world's most exciting and diverse ecosystems! Students will climb through the layers of the rainforest, dive into the depths of our oceans, and travel to the most extreme places on planet earth. Making discoveries through geological, biological, and anthropological lenses, students will run experiments, design models, and engineer solutions in each of the places they visit on planet earth. By the end of this year, students will explain why different ecosystems exist, what makes a healthy habitat, and how animals survive in a variety of amazing places on planet earth. 

Our Changing Planet

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After completing a study of habitats and ecosystems in their previous year of Full STEAM Forward, students will continue to examine the dynamic nature of planet Earth. In this year, students will examine how life on Earth, and how Earth itself, is and always has been constantly changing. In chronological order, students will learn about Earth's past, and present, while conducting investigations and making inferences about the future. In studying the work of paleontologists, climatologists, and astronomers, students will be able to explain how Earth's history is connected, and drives us to better understand our planet. Finally, these studies will allow students to predict what future changes are still to come for planet Earth. At the conclusion of this year, students will engage in research, and design plans for the future preservation of our planet. 

Science in my City

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Our 5th grade program is designed to allow students to apply what they have already learned within their communities through real world experiences. This will happen in two ways:


  • Two sessions per month where students identify and work on research topics they are passionate about, develop an action plan to test their hypotheses, and implement a project to reach their goals.


  • Six visits to local organizations/events—each of which will be to study one of the studied sciences (e.g biology, geology, paleontology, climatology, astronomy and anthropology)--where the girls can have real world experiences with scientists and educational venues within in their community. 

Mentor Program

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For each of our online cohorts, we staff 1-2 high school/college- aged mentors interested in our FSF program and the field of education more generally.

Our mentor program offers the chance to "learn through doing" by working alongside of an experienced science teacher.  

In addition, our mentors run our "Friday Fun" program.

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