What is StreaMark?


StreaMark is a family foundation whose mission is to promote education and social entrepreneurship to underserved communities.


In February 2021, StreaMark launched a global pilot program to select up to 3 high school students globally and teach them, through hands-on involvement, the end-to-end process of seeking funding for a NFP--from writing a grant application to participating in the selected NFP's activities to documenting the program's impact via pre-defined evaluation criteria.

In Year 1, the Foundation selected high school students Jessica Meng (Shanghai) and Sam Baum (Shanghai/New York City).  Their joint grant submission requested $15,000 to support Full STEAM Forward's Summer Camp in the United States.  They also proposed to serve as guest speakers during the camp on topics of their choice that they felt would interest 3rd and 4th grade girls.

Given the success of the pilot, and the significant learnings by both Jessica and Sam, StreaMark has committed to partner with Full STEAM Program and make this an annual award open to high school students from around the world.

How to Apply



If you are a high school student with an interest in social entrepreneurship, and desire to better understand the process of applying for grant monies to deploy to needing communities, please apply to StreaMark Foundation's Social Entrepreneurship program.


Grants will be awarded in June for that coming summer's Full STEAM Forward's global summer camps.  Grant amounts will range from $5,000 - $20,000 depending on the scope of the targeted summer program and target location.


For  additional information and application form please contact: louisechen33@163.com

Meet StreaMark's 2021 Recipients


Jessica Meng

Jessica is a Franco-American national who has been studying at international schools in both the USA and China.  Spending 4 consecutive summers in France between 2016 and 2019, Jessica has an extensive background in French language and culture which she proposed to share with the FSF Campers. In Summer 2021, Jessica worked at Education Francaise Bay Area as a volunteer assistant teacher where she taught French to grade 5 students living in the Bay Area.  Jessica currently attends Concordia International School in Shanghai, China.


Sam Baum

Sam is an American National who grew up in Shanghai.  In his 12 years in China, Sam attended both Foreign and Chinese International schools where he developed an identity with Chinese language and culture. With border closures in early 2020 due to COVID, Sam was unexpectedly unable to return to China to finish high school, and and was "forced" to relocate to the United States where he now attends Riverdale Country High School in NYC.  Sam's is passionate about theatre and he proposed sharing basic acting techniques with the FSF girls.